No concessions

While many bakfietsen ( cargo bikes ) have their limitations in daily use, the Bullitt by the Danish company Larry vs Harry proudly stands out: a sporty version of the classic ‘Long John’.

Transporting groceries and children never has been easier. And you’ll use the Bullitt for your non-carrying activities as well. Bike your kids to school as far the ISE campus, then head back to your work and safely pick them up in the afternoon.

The convince-yourself-ride

The Bullitt isn’t the cheapest in the market. But if you are in need of the ultimate transporting bicycle that won’t gather dust after a couple of months of use, the Bullitt is the smart choice.

And if you need to sell it, a Bullitt bike retains its value quite good.

Please contact Wicked Bikes for a ‘convince-yourself-ride’. We are proud of our record of personal attention and service; buying a cargo bike isn’t a daily activity and we’d like to offer you all assistance.

We can also bring the bike to your place for a test ride, if that’s more convenient. Just get in contact with us.